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Live Experiences

If you're looking for a little more personal of an experience; I am available for a variety of one-on-one services. With a wide range of levels of intimacy, I can cater to almost any desire, just look over this page and then reach out so we can get started, I can't wait to hear from you ~


Video/Voice Chats and Texting


Voice chat:

- $1/min  general chatting/video games (nonsexual)

- $5/min  sexual/fetish roleplay

Video chat:

- $2/min  general chatting (nonsexual)

- $5/min   fetish/non nude

- $7/min   fetish/nude

- $10/min explicit


- $1/min  general chatting (nonsexual)

- $5/min  sexting/roleplay

(no photos)

- $7/min  sexting/roleplay

(unlimited photos)


- Bookings must be made in 5min increments and paid for upfront. Towards the end of your booking, I will warn you about time, no more time will be added unless paid for before your original booking expires. There will be No "I will pay after" talk, so please ensure your booking is long enough to cover all desired activity.

- Bookings are subject to a very limited schedule, any requests for times outside of available slots will be subject to a steep "drop everything" fee. Please let me know immediately your preferred time(s) for bookings.

- I prefer to use Discord or Skype for any chats (or kik for texting), if you have another preferred method please let me know.

- Any additional costs (food/outfits/etc) will be factored into your total and may affect booking availability 

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