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Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you take suggestions?

On occasion I will ask for suggestions, if I get a lot of requests for something I consider it. Due to time and creative restraints the ONLY way to guarantee I'll fufill your request, is to order custom content! When you order something custom, you can tailor it to fit your EXACT fantasy!

Can I work with you?

If you are an established sex worker, I'm totally open to working with you! I'm available for content trade shoots, with LOTS of advance notice! 

Can we trade pics?

You can pay for me to send you photos, or you can pay me to look at your photos/rate your dick/etc.

A photo of your penis is not payment in and of itself, I am not flattered when I receive them without compensation.

Can I get to know you?

If you want to get to know me better, follow me on Twitter! I post the most actively there, and its the easiest method to have casual conversations with fans! OR for a more intimate, direct line to me, consider pledging to me on Patreon to have the ability to send me direct messages!

What are your tattoos of?

Umbreon on my stomach, A death mark on my right thigh, Vonnegut quote on my ribs “everything was beautiful and nothing hurt”, Dinosaur on my lower back

What’s your relationship status?

I am in an open poly-amorous relationship! I have one full time partner whom I adore and live with.

What’s polyamory?

Honestly, its just easier if you google it.

How does that work?

It just kind of..does….?

But more seriously, with 100% honesty at all times, there is no way to deal with everyone’s feelings and needs if we aren’t communicating

Don’t you get jealous?

Of course, jealousy is a natural human feeling, the issue with jealousy arises when there isn’t open honest communication, if one of my partners is feeling jealous over something we discuss it, we work it out, we have a laugh, we move on.

Does that mean I can date/fuck you?

It means, if I met someone whom I had consensual/reciprocated romantic and/or sexual interest in and I wanted to pursue a romantic or sexual relationship with them, I would consider it.

It DOES NOT mean that I want to hook up with any and every person hitting me up, I get AT LEAST 10 messages a day from random people I’ve never spoken to before wanting to get to know me so they can bang or date me, people being aggressively forward is a really huge turn off so if you have a genuine interest in me that is not the route I would suggest you go.

What’s your gamertag/PSN/friendcode/can we play games together?

I don’t give out my gamer tags to strangers, if you’re a friend or someone who has bought me a game, than I am more than happy to add you and maybe play together sometime!

What games do you play?

I play a LOT of video games like seriously a LOT,  I have 6 different consoles, and that's what I spend most my free time doing.

Bioshock, LoZ, Elder scrolls, dragon age; are some of my favorite franchises.

At any given time I am playing 4/5 different games, so if you want to talk games more ask me about what I’m playing lately!

What’s your social media?

I have an instagram account @ero_hime_official

a subreddit r/erohime

and my onlyfans page @erohime

These are my ONLY social media accounts, if you see my photos elsewhere be a pal and let me know please!

Are you a natural redhead?

yep yep yep, all natural 100% organic USDA certified Ginger!

Why did you start gaining weight/How much weight do you want to gain/Any other feederism or weight gain related questions

You can find all the answers to these questions by viewing my weight gain clips (available here and here) OR by subscribing to me on Onlyfans and asking me there (I'm happy to chat about it all day)

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