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Custom Content

I love making custom content! It's very fufilling collaborating with individuals to help create the perfect, unique content that they are craving. It's so much fun getting to cater to different tastes and I'm always thrilled with the results; a little of me, a little of you, its the perfect combination! Contact me today about bringing your own fantasy to life!

General Custom Information
  • I'm not always available for custom content! But I usually am! Just contact me (via the contact form here on my site or through email

  • Custom content can take up to four weeks to complete (longer if costumes/props need to be ordered), although generally the turnaround is about two weeks, when we discuss the details of your order I will quote you a time and will let you know if there are any setbacks.

  • Custom content MUST be paid for IN ADVANCE, I cannot start working on your order until I receive your full payment, this is to help ensure I am being fairly compensated for my effort. Exceptions may be made for returning customers or for very large orders.

  • I send custom orders through email via dropbox links, if you have a preference for another method please let me know.

  • When placing a custom order please try to include which packages you are interested in, the lengths of videos, number of photos, number of the days worn for panties, etc. Please also include any sort of specific requests you may have (angles/poses, shots of x, etc.)

  • If any supplies not on hand (prop/costume/food/etc) must be ordered for your custom, the cost of the item/s will be included in your total.

  • I prefer custom orders be paid through either a custom listing on my e-junkie store, google wallet or amazon gift cards sent to my email, but you may inquire about alternative payment options but I might not be able to accept them.

  • You do NOT have permission to upload or distribute custom content ANYWHERE FOR ANY REASON, unless it has been discussed otherwise.

  • When you contact me to order your custom content please mention that you've read these terms to ensure that we are both on the same page! I hate for anyone to be misinformed and be left out of the loop!

  • I reserve the right to decline any custom content offers that I am not interested in creating, just because you approach me with an idea does not guarantee that it will be accepted, it isn't a slight against you, there are some things I am just not comfortable in creating! That doesn't mean however that if I haven't done a certain act/fetish before that I wouldn't be willing to accept your idea! I'm VERY fetish friendly and I'm always expanding my horizons!

Custom Photos


  • $20 - 30 HD photos nonexclusive (meaning I retain the right to resell the set)

  • $40 - 30 HD photos exclusive (meaning ONLY YOU ever see! No watermark)

  • $10 -  One of a kind custom Polaroid Instax photo (physical mail)

Add ons:

  • $15 - Double photos (60 total) [Digital Sets only]

  • $20 - More explicit or elaborate themes (use of toys, masturbation, close ups of genetalia, rope bondage/shibari, penis, strange shooting locations)

  • You choose the outift/theme

  • Photos are shot with a canon T5 / Instax Camera

Custom Videos
  • $5/minute - Non nude - Fetish or Tease

  • $7/minute - Nude - Explicit

  • $10/minute - With Partner (any penis related stuff)

  • $100 - Exclusive video / use of name (meaning I won't/can't resell the video)

  • $75 - Intentionally inducing Vomiting

  • $25 - Anal (with $10/minute videos ONLY!)

  • $20 - More complicated themes (long scripts, strange shooting locations, elaborate shots and editing)


Add ons:

  • Custom videos MUST BE a Minimum of 5 minutes!

  • Videos are shot in 1080p HD with a canon T5

  • While I do cater to a variety of kinks and fetishes I do have a few hard limits, I will NOT engage in the following: race play, use of bodily fluids other than spit and ejaculate, blood or knife play, anything that would provide any permanent physical (or mental) scarring/alteration, incest or the simulation of a minor. Otherwise I am very open minded, please contact me to discuss your ideas!

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